Connect wallet to the Moonriver network

Create a Wallet

After installing MetaMask, the setup will automatically open a new task with a welcome screen. Click "Get Started" to begin the setup process.
When prompted, you are given the option to import a wallet using a recovery seed phrase. For this exercise, set up a new wallet.

Connect MetaMask to Moonbeam

Once you have MetaMask installed and have created or imported an account, you can connect it to Moonbeam by clicking on the top right logo and opening the settings.
Next, navigate to the Networks tab and click on the "Add Network" button.
Here you can configure MetaMask for the following networks:
If you want to connect MetaMask by providing the network information, you can use the following data:
  • Network Name: Moonriver
  • RPC URL:
  • ChainID: 1285 (hex: 0x505)
  • Symbol (Optional): MOVR
  • Block Explorer (Optional):